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Wuyi cliff tea:

Wuyi cliff tea refers to the Oolong tea wich made from the tea plants grown in Wuyi mountain. The average altitude of Wuyi mountain is about 650 meters. There are 36 graceful peaks and 99 famous crags there.

Each of Wuyi cliff tea is named after the tea plant which it's made from. The classification of wuyi cliff tea is most complicated. For example, basing on the different location where the tea plants grown, Wuyi cliff tea can be classified into three types: "Wuyi authentic cliff tea"--Oolong teafrom the centre area of Wuyi mountain, with the best quality; "Wuyi half cliff tea"--Oolong tea from the hills' peripheral area, with the better quanlity; "Wuyi stream cliff tea"--Oolong tea from the shores of "Cong stream", "Jiuqu stream" and "Huangbo stream", with general quality. Wuyi cliff tea can also classfied by different variety of tea plant or by different season etc......

The most famous four types of Wuyi cliff tea are "Big Red Gown", "White Cockscomb", "Iron arhat" "water gold tortoise", which are reputed as "Wuyi four famous bush". Among all Wuyi cliff teas, the production of "Wuyi Cinnamon" and "Wuyi Narcissus" has the largest quantity.

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