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Anxi Oolong tea:

Anxi Oolong tea comes from the famous Oolong producting area--Anxi County,which located in Fujian province. Anxi Oolong may be known as "Se zhong",which means a blend of several Oolongs. The leaves from several different tea plants are plucked to make this special Oolong. The processing method of Anxi Oolong is simiar as that of TieGuanYin. The leaves Of Anxi Oolong are tightly curled, so forming its strong body.

Anxi Oolong tea is a ideal balance for all kinds of Oolong teas,such as yellow gold Oolong, Benshan Oolong and hairy crab etc.

Because Oolong tea can be heavily oxidized or lightly oxidized ,its flavor will vary from quite green to near-black. So we divide Anxi Oolong tea into two varieties: Anxi green Oolong and Anxi black Oolong. Anxi green Oolong tea is deeply green in appearance, with flowery aroma, mellow and brisk taste. Anxi black Oolong tea is of rufous appearance with fruity aroma, mellow and thick taste.

Anxi Oolong
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