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Private label tea

Private label programme is only workable for orders that over US$5,000 For smaller orders, we offer some packing solutions for customers choice, which enable you to lauch your tea buiness quickly with your private LOGO.

Services for privite label teas:


As an over 10years experienced tea OEM manufacturer and exporter, we could help you with your tea business by following

  •  Help you with your packaging design:
    • Pre-ready Packing solutions for your referrence. With pre-ready packing solutions, you could begin your new tea project quicly and smoothly.
    • Professional designer to work with your design.
  • Help you arrange the easy and economic shipment
    • Free you from troubles of customs clearance.We are familiar with documents required for customs clearances in EU countries and USA.If you'd like, we could offer door-to-door service to you.
    • Consolidated shipment for full container.
    • Dropping shipping service 
  • Help you develop new tea products:
    • New teas developed yearly allowing you add new tea products to your catalogue each year.
    • Help you develop your exclusive teas on your customized recipe.Your recepe never to sold or used for other customers.
    • Help your sourcing help in China.We could help you source other products in China to help you develop your business quickly.

Inquiry for private label teas:

For OEM business, please send your inquiry to