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The spirit of tea ceremony

Tea ceremony

Drinking tea is naturally a refreshing and purifying experience that clears the mind. It helps to rid the mind of wicked thoughts and to gain peacefulness, defining the spirit and philosophical ideas of the East. Some wise celebrity figures like to drink tea to pursue the perfection of enjoyment. The Chinese tea ceremony focuses on the tea, and not the ritual, and is a way of keeping the mind in balance.We use the simple yet harmonious ceremony to promote friendship and nammners, simply by preparing and steeping, smelling, tasting, and thoroughly apprecaiting the tea.

The spirit of tea ceremony- Clear, Respectul, Joyful, True

Clear means quiet,pure and uncluttered. The art of tea requires clear surroundings, especially the immediate surrounding like on the table, but more importantly a clear and uncluttered mind. The mind shoud focus on the beautiful steeped tea with its pleasant aroma and taste.

Respect is the root of everything on the earth. For people, respect embodies honesty in both attitude and actions toward each other. When drinking tea together, the host and the guests' minds must be synchronized.

Joyful means pleased, happy and content. Harmony is in forms and manners but joy is in the spirit and heart. When we drink tea, we can taste the pleasure of living thus training one's heart to be generous.

Ture means the truth and knowledge of spiritual mysterles and a holy mind combines truth with the apiritual unknown. In a word, we should make use of the scientific way to ambrace the sincerity of all things. The assence of drinking tea can enlighten our capacity and consciousness to achieve greatness and direction.

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