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Tea and health

The components in tea

Components: Catechins
Healthy effects

  • Lower blood triglyceride, blood cholesterol, prevents atherosclerosis
  • Reduces incidence of cancer
  • Reduces oxidation by active oxygen
  • Strengthen blood vessel wall, regulates their permeability
  • Inhibits increase of blood sugar
  • Inhibits increase of blood pressure
  • Reduces tumours
  • Reduces mutations
  • Helps in the treatment of radiation sickness
  • Prevents dental caries by keeping off the causative bacteria (Streptococcus mutans)
  • Kills influenza virus
  • Beneficial in the treatment of dysentery
  • Prevents halitosis

Components: Caffeine
Healthy effects

  • Stimulates wakefulness, CNS stimulant
  • Gives relief from fatigue, neuralgia and headaches
  • Acts as diuretic

Components: Flavonoids
Healthy effects

  • Strengthen blood vessel and blood capillary walls
  • Reduces oxidation by active oxygen
  • Acts as anti-inflammatory agent
  • Increases the level of catecholamines
  • Stimulates folic acid biosynthesis
  • Normalises thyroid hyperfunction

Components: Fluoride
Healthy effects

  • Prevents dental caries

Components: Quercetin
Healthy effects

  • Acts as spasmolytic
  • Helps in treatment of acute diarrhoea

Components: Vitamin B Complex (Riboflavin , Biotin, Niacin, Pantothenate, Inositol)
Healthy effects

  • Aids carbohydrate and fat metabolism
  • Helps in inter and intracellular Ca transport
  • Helps in moisturisation of the skin

Components: Vitamin E
Healthy effects

  • Acts as antioxidant and regulates aging

Components: Salicylates
Healthy effects

  • Acts as analgesic
  • Acts as antipyretic

Components: Polysaccharides
Healthy effects

  • Lowers blood sugar

Components: Methyl xanthine
Healthy effects

  • Acts as diuretic

Components: Theaflavin, Thearubigin
Healthy effects

  • Antagonises the activity of bradykinin
  • Inhibits arginine and ornithine decarboxylases

Components: Theophylline
Healthy effects

  • Modulates immune response
  • Helps in the treatment of asthma
  • Salutary effects on cardiac function

Components: Essential Amino Acids (Leucine, Phenyloalamine, Valine, Threonine)
Healthy effects

  • Helps in metabolism
  • Maintains nitrogen equilibrium

Components: Theanine
Healthy effects

  • Gives tea its delicious taste
  • Helps in ammonia and urea metabolism
  • Helps in water clearance by renal tissues

Components: Linolenic Acid
Healthy effects

  • Reduces platelet aggregation

Components: Tea Pigments
Healthy effects

  • Decreases plasma fibrinogen

Components: Linalool, Geraniol, Hexenal
Healthy effects

  • Gives tea its fresh, green aroma

Components: Seleno cysteine
Healthy effects

  • Supports normal thyroid function (helps in the conversion of T4 to physiologically effective T3)

Components: GABA
Healthy effects

  • Lowers blood pressure
Tea and health
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