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Buton scarlet roses (anti) book review

The "Scarlet Rose Bud" tells the story of a young defenseless Eve, who has become a victim of his own naivety and cruel world of crime. Forced to engage in prostitution, beating and humiliated, she could not count on anyone. She had no idea that she was waiting for her. This short entry burned in my head three lights. They will shine as a traffic light, noting the behavior of the reader. The only thing that distinguishes him from traffic lights is that at this moment three lights are burning at the same time in my head. Green, yellow and red light intersect, filling you alarm. Green books caused by interest to the whole book, yellow, who emphasize the care of her performance, and red - a huge fear, or the author - Tadeusch Salk - will cope with the theme he himself.

I meet the main heroine of Roman Eve at the turn of her life. She gives a certificate of middle education, finishes school, and a big question mark appears in front of it - what's next? Passivity and waiting for what happens, cause disappointment in her life. In his dreams, she devotes himself to reflements about the work, which will bring her money for study, life and the future, which will help her break out of everyday stagnation. Suddenly - or, since we are not dealing with life, but with a book, with great expectation, - looking through ads in the newspaper, it comes out for a short offer about work.

"I need a nanny. Work in Germany". Eva has a heartbeat, her heart begins to beat faster and stronger, adrenaline rushes into my head ... I feel it all. She feels that this is her moment, her chance for the best tomorrow, her day for making a decision. He knows what will do everything to get a job. He does not think about the consequences, does not speak with his loved ones not to confuse them. As a distraught violent man, he sends a telegram with the answer, followed by a letter. Everything is subject to a response to ... And - yes - the dream of the future has a chance to come true. He gets to work. He receives a ticket to Germany. In the new world.

It turns out very quickly that the illusion that raised Eve to the sky is broken, and the girl falls the lower and lower, reaching the largest bottom, which can only submit a man. When she understands that she was sold, and the children with whom she had to deal with, are big and ruthless men, to run away. The world of brutal rapes, humiliations and bats completely absorbs her ...

Other heroes are comforting poor nine, and the most unpleasant in this is the wife of Mag Maximus. The old woman, who spoke in general (always it should be so in the book ?!), which constantly comforted Nina, repeating her support words so often that I already knew what this book would end ... Best Training Providers in South Africa on online. Read reviews, learn more.